Outils industriels - Stock photo

Outils industriels - Stock photo

Close up image of industrial tools against white background

Barrels in the Light Entretien automobile

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XS Standard 312 X 416 4.3" X 5.8" 72 dpi 0.1MP
S Standard 624 X 833 8.7" X 11.6" 72 dpi 0.5MP
M Standard 1254 X 1674 4.2" X 5.6" 300 dpi 2.0MP
L standard 1687 X 2251 5.6" X 7.5" 300 dpi 3.6MP
XL Standard 2463 X 3287 8.2" X 11.0" 300 dpi 7.7MP
XXL standard 6732 X 8984 22.4" X 29.9" 300 dpi 57.7MP

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